• Hording Vintage Sewing Machines and Scooters.

My Boudoir and Studio

The Galaxy Dancer (bottom Photo)

Dolls I made for my Mom.

The Irish chain quilt on the bed is a Civil war jelly roll that I won in a raffle. 

The New York Beauty on the wall was pieced by My Mother, and we both quilted it. 

The Three Venuses on the wall is hand dyed, painted and pieced and quilted by me.

The colorful bag is an Ironing pad/caddie. The picture of me on one of the Pfaffs.

Moms VooDoo doll 

Me at one year old.

Galaxy Dancer

Sewing fleece scarfs for quick presents.

Japanese family creast

Mermaid I made for my Mother.

Quilting for over 30 years.