Japanese family crests

Digitizing for LongArm and Embroidery machines. The picture of my old APQS with a PC Quilter under it.  Computerized, very accurate and fun to use. My mother has a Intelliquilter on her Nolting, I love digitizing. Some of the pictures below are from years ago, (1990's) when the garage was my Studio.  I now have a proper in door Studio with great light.

My old garage set up.  

Pieced four patch with sashing.

Digitized embroider

Butterfly family crest

I made a home quilting frame just for the fun of it, and put a Husqvarna on the PC quilter. Although I could have used the long arm, I just wanted to do it.  It worked good for a Smaller machine, but I prefer the LongArm.

Japanese Partridge family crest

Turtle family crest